March 20, 2020 Update:


As always AHRC New York City’s highest priority is the health and safety of ALL members of our community. We continue to be in touch with OPWDD, the NYC and State Departments of Health (DOH), and the CDC. We are closely following their recommendations. We continue to use excellent infection control procedures and follow the guidance of public health experts.

Many of us have likely been exposed to the virus and may not know it. Many who contract the virus will have mild to moderate symptoms that will resolve in a week or two. A much smaller number of people will need access to appropriate treatment from medical professionals.

Not surprisingly, we now have several confirmed instances of COVID-19 at AHRC NYC. The affected individuals are receiving excellent care and we wish them speedy recoveries.

AHRC NYC Programs:

  • NYC’s Mayor made the difficult decision to close the schools in New York City, this includes AHRC NYC’s schools.
  • After school programs operated through AHRC NYC’s Recreation Department which take place in our Department of Education schools are closed.
  • Site-Based Day Habilitation programs with and without walls and prevocational programs began temporary suspension of programs on March 18th.
  • People that live in AHRC NYC residences are being provided with extra activities in the residence.
  • We are putting telehealth in all residences.
  • Online and virtual supports are being developed for day hab, the clinic, recreation and other services to keep in touch and support people and families.
  • For people that reside in the community with their families, staff is contacting every family to review their needs and to assess our ability to provide other supports.
  • Additionally, AHRC NYC is exploring our ability to provide additional Community Hab in the home.

AHRC NYC Positive Developments:

  • We have been successful in obtaining additional supplies of PPE – protective personal equipment—such as masks, gloves, and gowns to use in very specific circumstances.
  • The Governor has issued an Executive Order designating our direct service and clinical staff as essential personnel.  Staff are doing their best to come to assigned work locations and performing vital responsibilities.

We will attempt to keep everyone informed. We request that all families send their personal email address to Please include the name of your family member, your name and cell phone number or home number in order to facilitate communication.

For up to date information on AHRC NYC’s response to the Coronavirus, visit our website at For questions about health and personal issues, call your doctor and/or contact the Department of Health at 888-364-3065 or at

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Stress Management Tips from NYC Health:

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