Henry Houghton’s love for theater can be traced back to early exposure to Broadway plays and actors, but with 9 plays and musical productions under his belt at the age of 22, he has truly made this passion his own.  “It’s cool to be on stage and perform for everyone,” says Henry.

Behind the Curtain

Henry has recently been participating in a production of the satirical musical comedy, Urinetown with a company called After Work Theater, which provides working adults a way to be in quality theatrical productions.  During rehearsals, Henry can be found going over lyrics or practicing jazz squares with about two dozen other young professionals.

Henry performs in Urinetown

Henry performs on stage in Urinetown

Henry is also very involved in the creation of an original play called Rule Breaking through New York University Drama Therapy Program. The cast includes a few other members of the AHRC New York City family, including Associate Residential Director, Craig Becker. We’ve been working together since January and have been exploring our relationships, talking about experiences, and talking about growth as well as challenges that these relationships undergo,” says Craig.  Rule Breaking explores the complexities of relationships that occur between caregivers and people with disabilities, and Henry has been a part of the play in partnership with his sister.

Juggling a Busy Schedule

Henry balances his time performing with other passions.  He works as a visitor service representative at the Museum of Natural History, directing people through lines and exhibits.  Last year he moved into a new apartment and has enjoyed living independently.  He works closely with many people at AHRC NYC, receiving services through the Family and Clinical Services department.  Henry’s accomplishments over the past few years are an inspiration to many people who work with him at AHRC NYC.

I have worked with Henry for three years,” says Henry’s Community Habilitation Field Supervisor, Nikki Spicer. I’ve seen him move from home into his own apartment, get a job, and perform on stage.  He has been fearless in everything he does.”

Henry is now taking control of his services in a whole new way, working closely with Jennifer Teich in the Individualized Supports department who has become his support broker, assisting Henry as he self-directs his own services.

Planning for the Future

His goals for the future include taking college courses to get an office job, and continuing to foster his theater aspirations. “I hope we do Avenue Q next,” adds Henry.  “That is such a funny play.”