The Board of Election in the City of New York is required by law to make sure ballets are available for all voting citizens.  Because the voter turnout is never 100%, there are always leftover ballots.  The Board of Election has chosen to work with a social enterprise to shred these ballots, hiring SHREDability, (an AHRC New York City business,) to shred 8,000,000 unused ballots in February 2012.  Since that time, the SHREDability employees have made two truck runs per week to the Board of Education facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  Soon, SHREDability employees will begin cleaning out the Board of Election warehouse in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

About SHREDability

SHREDability is an  AAA NAID Certified business, located in the South Bronx.  Eighty percent of SHREDability’s employees are people with a developmental disability.  Their employment at SHREDability has enabled them to give back to their community and to earn a living.  To date, SHREDability has received an estimated 53 tons of paper from the Board of Elections, which has been recycled and made into post-consumer products, (an estimated 570 hours of combined work for those working in the South Bronx warehouse.)

AHRC New York City salutes the employees of SHREDability for their work in sustaining our environment while meeting all national standards for document security under the National Association of Information Destruction.  AHRC NYC also salutes the Board of Election in New York City for choosing to work with us!