Gain valuable skills and become certified Warehousing Technicians or Inventory Specialists.

Warehouse Operations & Inventory Management
Eligibility Requirements

These programs are only available in the Bronx. The program is open for youth 16-24 years of age who are economically disadvantaged, out of school and do not have a college degree. Individuals with and without disabilities are welcomed.

Program services are provided remotely — technology is provided when needed. Participants will receive a weekly stipend during the remote classroom and hands-on training. This is a 15-week program with one-year follow-up services.

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Participants can choose from one of the two training tracks described below:

Warehousing Operations Certification Track

  • Learn the role of warehousing and distribution centers in the supply chain, including receiving, movement, storage, picking, packing, and packaging
  • Study value-added processes, including cross-docking and kitting-Warehouse Management System (WMS), which are the foundational components enabling warehouses to function effectively and efficiently
  • Job functions include material handlers, pickers, packers, forklift operators, and IT specialists for WMS

Inventory Management Certification Track

  • Understanding how to achieve sufficient supplies to meet customer demand
  • Learning the importance and use of inventory in the supply chain
  • Exposure to different types of inventory
  • Gaining techniques for effectively managing and controlling inventory levels
  • Understand the relationship between forecasting and inventory management
  • Studying the financial impacts of inventory investments
  • Skilled inventory personnel are needed to plan, analyze, replenish, and safeguard all assets

Warehousing graduates will receive a Council of Supply Chain Fundamentals Certification in Warehousing Operations. Inventory graduates will receive a Council of Supply Chain Fundamentals Certification in Inventory Management. Participants will receive assistance with resume prep and successful graduates will receive job placement services.

Spaces are limited, so call for an appointment ASAP to guarantee your spot!

Call 917-468-5760



NYSARC, Inc. is an Equal opportunity employer/program.
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request for individuals with disabilities.

Program Funded by NYC Department of Youth and Community Development Workforce Connect

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