RXR Realty and Starrett-Lehigh Building is one of the first real estate companies to participate in Project SEARCH, a national job skills training program that AHRC New York City is part of.  Project SEARCH is a one-year, school-to-work high school transition program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The program takes place entirely at the workplace of the host employer, facilitating classroom instruction, career exploration, and relevant job skills training through strategically designed internships.

AHRC NYC’s valued partnership with RXR Realty has made a recent expansion of the program possible, enabling our organization to improve the lives of more people with disabilities.  “We will expand our training programs and explore different lines of businesses in which the individuals we serve could start a successful career,” said Shauna Lozada, Marketing Director of AHRC NYC’s Employment and Business Services. “The program takes place in a business setting where total immersion in the workplace facilitates the teaching and learning process through continuous feedback and acquisition of employability and competitive work skills.”

About the Project SEARCH Program

The program takes place during the last year of school. The internships begin in September and end in June. Under the program, the host employer provides internship opportunities and leads monthly steering committee meetings, (comprised of members from the host employer, vocational rehabilitation agencies, community service providers, and the Board of Education,) during which the members discuss goals, progress, and support needs.

Project SEARCH has grown from one original program site at Cincinnati Children’sHospital to over 150 across 39 states and four countries.

Valued Partnership

RXR Realty has made a commitment to supporting individuals who are less fortunate and need assistance in building job skills and job placement. The Starrett-Lehigh Building has been working with AHRC New York City by partnering and supporting programs to help fulfill its mission.  For the past couple of years, the Starrett-Lehigh Building has rotated students through its Engineering, Janitorial, Security and Messenger Center departments to learn valuable skills for future job placement.

Shifting Attitudes about Employing People with Disabilities

Recently, CBS Sunday Morning aired a segment about leading corporations that are inviting people with autism into their workforce worldwide, the benefits of employing people with autism by leading corporations, and how these new employment opportunities are improving peoples’ lives.  RXR Realty and Starrett-Lehigh Building are proud to be part of this movement!