Virtual and Hands-on experiences and leadership opportunities for community partners who give their time & effort to support our mission.

AHRC NYC’s community partner projects take place within AHRC NYC’s program facilities, in the community, and remotely via teleconferencing tools, and are available in all boroughs of New York City. We will provide the necessary training and supervision, to make your experience meaningful and rewarding, as you will work directly with people who participate in AHRC NYC’s programs.


Available community partnership opportunities are listed below:

Virtual Activities

Many of AHRC NYC’s Community Partners are supporting our mission through virtual workshops hosted via Zoom.  View the opportunities below to see how you can share your talents and expertise with the people we support.

Virtual Yoga, Dance, & Aerobics Instruction

We are looking for people with yoga, dance, or aerobics experience to facilitate weekly movement-based workshops over ZOOM for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Virtual Photography Program

Looking for people who enjoy photography, as a hobby or profession, to facilitate a weekly virtual program over ZOOM, teaching the basics to the people we support at AHRC-NYC who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Virtual Book Club

We are looking for leaders to commit to one hour weekly, between 10 am and 4 pm to lead online book reading. We supply a Kindle book for you to share on Zoom with the people we support who have intellectual and developmental disabilities

Virtual Sports Discussion Group

The people we support have a love for a variety of sports. We would love to have you facilitate a discussion group over ZOOM, regarding a specific sport, or sports in general!

Virtual Karate and/or Tai Chi Instructor

Looking for people to teach Tai Chi and/or Karate virtually to the people we support at AHRC NYC. Lead virtual Tai Chi / Karate classes for adults and kids with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities. Teach students correct techniques through a webcam to ensure maximum benefit and safety.

Virtual Pet Time Program

Do you have a playful pup! Take a break and share him/her virtually with the people we support at AHRC NYC. Show off their tricks, favorite costumes, go on a walk, answer questions about your best friend from the participants. This rewarding 1-hour weekly program will make your day while you are working from home.

Virtual – Having Fun with Science Experiences

Looking for people to facilitate weekly programs over ZOOM to discuss and demonstrate science experiments for the people we support who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Virtual Brain Games / Trivia / Word Games

Looking for people to facilitate various Brain, Trivia, and Word games. Help the people we support who have intellectual and developmental disabilities keep their minds sharp and have fun at the same time!

Virtual Music Program

Do you play an instrument or sing? The people we support at AHRC NYC love musical programs. Create your own virtual program. Put your talent to good use!

Hands-on Activities

Most volunteer assignments are ”hands-on” and will be tailored to your expertise and interests.

If you are looking for hands-on experience with a non-profit human services organization, we want to hear from you! We welcome student volunteers, corporate volunteers, and anyone who has the desire to give back to the community. All we ask is that you make a commitment of at least three hours per week for a minimum of six months. This helps ensure that your efforts will have the most impact.

Employment Mentoring

Spend two hours helping people supported by AHRC NYC with resume and cover letter writing, e-mail correspondence, managing online applications, and following up with potential employers after an interview.


I-PREP (Interview, Practice, and Review for Emerging Professionals): Work one-on-one to help people supported by AHRC NYC gain confidence and sharpen their employment interview skills.  Each hour and a half session provides them with two 30 minute mock interviews and feedback, and training for the community partners.

Money Makes Sense

Teach financial literacy skills to people supported by AHRC NYC who need to understand how to save
money. During a two-hour workshop, community partners work one-on-one with them helping them to improve their budgeting skills, understand credit and increase their savings.

Creative Connections

Community partners are part of an arts-related workshop and are paired with adults supported by AHRC NYC to create all types of art projects. These workshops allow people to express themselves creatively-helping them to realize new strengths and develop a greater sense of dignity and independence.

Gardening Renovation and Upkeep

Help beautify AHRC NYC residences and schools. Community partner groups spend a few hours to a full day helping to clean and plant gardens, paint murals or assist with special renovation projects.

Supply Drives

Host a supply drive to help the people that we support. Our current needs include garden supplies, art supplies and acrylic yarn, and personal care products.

Recreation Programs

Work as part of a group with people supported by AHRC NYC who attend our SUPER SATURDAY Recreation Programs. Community partners can help people by assisting with different sports activities, yoga, fitness, cooking, arts, drama, photography, creative writing, and any special area of interest that you might want to share with others. You can participate for a full or half-day.

ONE-for-ONE Program

Will match people living in AHRC NYC residences and attending its programs with community partners from the community based on common interests and common points of view. Both people will need to commit to a partnership of at least a year, ideally growing into a longer, perhaps lifetime relationship. Community partners and those supported will spend leisure time together to bridge the gap between people with intellectual disabilities and their neighborhoods.


If you or your organization are interested in becoming a community partner for any of these programs, please email Karen Zuckerman, Director of Community Partner Engagement, or call 212-895-3393.