ArTech at AHRC New York City’s Howie Stone Adult Day Center held a first of its kind event on Tuesday, June 13th – a live drawing session with a model from a local art organization. The event was open to both artists supported at AHRC NYC programs and artists from the community.

Evan Bishop and Katori Walker from 320 Body Art partnered with Darinka Vlahek, Director of Curriculum and Community Supports, Adult Day Services, and Dhanashree (Dhanni) Gadiyar, Project Coordinator, to help generate this unique opportunity.

Interpreting the Human Form

Katori and I were invited by Darinka to develop some art projects [for this event],” Evan said. “Some of the education programs that we’d like to institute involve murals, illustrations, and even body art.

Katori, dressed in a flowing and colorful outfit with numerous accessories, sat statuesque as the artists drew while observing her, using a variety of mediums, including sketching, watercolors, and digital art using an iPad. Innocent Obi, Art Consultant, assisted both people receiving AHRC NYC services as well as community artists in using the technology to create their portraits.

Among AHRC NYC’s artists who took part in the live drawing were Jayson Valles, Byron Solano, Christian Forbes, Patrick Alexander, Cory Tyler, and Jorge Diego Francica.

Much More to Come

Both Dhanni and Evan are looking forward to similar collaborations in the future.

This was a fun and creative platform for all artists to come together, make some art and build community,” Dhanni said. “ArTech will have another live drawing session at Westchester Square Art Center, and then culminate these drawings and paintings into a community exhibit. Stay tuned!”

Evan added, “We’re excited by the possibility of using our artistry to empower individuals in this community.”