AHRC New York City is the New York City Chapter of NYSARC Inc., now known as The Arc New York.

ALBANY, N.Y. – NYSARC, New York State’s largest nonprofit organization supporting people with intellectual and
developmental disabilities, has changed its name to The Arc New York. It made the name change official at the
organization’s 2017 Fall Annual Meeting at the Saratoga Hilton on October 27, 2017.

The Arc New York joins nearly 700 state and local Chapters across the country who have chosen to brand with
The Arc – the largest national community-based organization advocating for and supporting people with
intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. For the last 60 years, The Arc has staunchly
advocated and achieved significant legislative victories that have improved the supports, services, and rights for
people with disabilities. The Arc’s logo includes the flowing “catalyst” icon which represents a burst of energy
and is symbolic of forward motion, optimism, and independence. The new tagline, Achieve with us, conveys The
Arc as a provider of opportunity, hope, growth, and achievement.

We’ve had a long relationship with The Arc. Aligning ourselves with The Arc is the right thing to do now
because it strengthens our national voice, which we so desperately need as Medicaid and our supports are
continually being threatened,” said The Arc New York’s President, Laura J. Kennedy.

In every region of New York State, The Arc New York will continue to advocate on critical issues including
securing a living wage for direct support professionals and improving residential opportunities, while continuing
to provide quality supports, including residential services, guardianship, employment supports, preschools, and
recreational opportunities.

It’s a strong feeling knowing that The Arc New York covers the entire state. Whether we’re a large urban New
York City Chapter, or a smaller Chapter up in the Adirondacks, our diversity is our strength because we
understand the unique challenges being faced across the state as well as the common needs,” Kennedy said.

About The Arc New York

The Arc New York, a family-led organization founded in 1949, is the largest nonprofit organization in New York
State supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including Down syndrome, autism, and
cerebral palsy. With 53 Chapters across the state, The Arc New York supports 60,000 individuals, employs
30,000 people, and has more than 100,000 members. For more information, visit www.TheArcNY.org.

Media Contact:
Shannon Hutton
Associate Executive Director for Communications