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Bushwick Artists Featured at Local Exhibit

Three artists supported through programs provided by AHRC New York City’s Wendy M. Siegel Adult Day Center in Bushwick were featured in a weekend-long art exhibit in the local community. Norma Colon, Candida Colon, and Patricia Samuel all had original artwork presented as part of Exchange Rates, “an international exposition of artworks and curatorial programs in which host spaces in one art community open their doors and share their walls with kindred spaces on visit from elsewhere.” This unique event was organized by a number of local and international art collectives including Arts in Bushwick, London-based initiative Sluice, Theodore: Art, and Centotto. Norma, Candida, Patricia exhibited their latest creations at Brooklyn Fireproof East, which is where the exposition’s closing ceremony was held on October 26, 2014.  


left to right: Maria Hubbard, Patricia Samuels, and Candida Colon

Just a short ride from the Siegel Center, Candida and Patricia went to Fireproof East on the opening day of the exhibition, October 23, accompanied by Maria Hubbard, Community Support Supervisor.


Norma’s featured work was a photograph of a man a walking his dog and exhibits a remarkable use of contrast between shadows and light.


Patricia also showed a photograph she took of a clothing store in her neighborhood. The work is untitled, but she said “It’s about a lot of clothes because I like clothes.


Candida had two drawings on exhibit. Her piece, Cartoons and features robot-esque characters, grouped among modular blocks that span a colorful landscape.


Candida’s other drawing, Clowns at the Circus, containing eclectic black-and-white animals and shapes on an orange background. “It’s my favorite hobby to draw,” Candida said. “I do it at home when I’m bored. My cousin drew in college and he helped teach me.

AHRC New York City is proud to celebrate the creative expressions of these artists, and we congratulate them on a fantastic exhibit.

Nights on the Town

Two Great Events Raise Funds for the AHRC New York City Foundation

The AHRC New York City Foundation, which makes grants for many AHRC New York City programs and services, proudly held two events which resulted in the Foundation receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations!


left to right: Nick Pascarella of Nick Pascarella & Co. Wealth Management, presenting sponsor of Mediterranean Nights; Jeanne Sdroulas, event co-chair, and AHRC NYC Board Member; and Gary Lind, Exec. Director

On October 7, Mediterranean Nights, an event to benefit AHRC NYC’s Residential Services Department, raised more than $100,000. The event was held at ilili, a restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine located in the Flatiron district. Nick Pascarella & Co., a wealth management company, was the presenting sponsor of the event, which included dancing, a silent auction and a raffle. This was the second year the event was held by the AHRC New York City Foundation. Last year AHRC’s Residential Services Department used funds raised at Mediterranean Nights to purchase more than 30 iPads, laptops and exercise equipment for residents as well as to send many residents to AHRC’s upstate summer camps and on vacations and outings. The event was co-chaired by Jeanne Sdroulas, Global Head of Marketing for Fred Alger Management and an AHRC New York City Board Member, and Theodora Vardis, Chief Operating Officer at Metropolitan Capital Advisors.


left to right: Steve Towler, Asst. Exec. Director; Scott Rechler, Chairman and CEO of RXR Realty and honoree of the 32nd Annual Special Night for Children; Shauna Lozada, Director of Marketing; and Salvatore Moran, Associate Director, Employement and Business Services

left to right: Steve Towler, Asst. Exec. Director; Scott Rechler, Chairman and CEO of RXR Realty and honoree of the 32nd Annual Special Night for Children; Shauna Lozada, Director of Marketing; and Salvatore Moran, Associate Director, Employement and Business Services

On October 21, the 32nd Annual Special Night for Special Children raised approximately $500,000 for the AHRC New York City Foundation. Scott RechlerChairman and CEO of RXR Realty, was the honoree at the event, which is hosted by the real estate, construction and design industries of New York City.  The event was held at Cipriani Wall Street. Prior to the event, Mr. Rechler toured AHRC NYC program sites, including MTA Headquarters where employees of AHRC NYC’s Hudson River Services were working.  Mr. Rechler was so impressed with the thoroughness and dedication of the employees he immediately created five new jobs for janitorial workers at a building his company owns in Rockefeller Center.  At the event, he announced the creation of the jobs and his intention to create more jobs in additional buildings owned by his company.

Nothing But NETS

AHRC New York City’s Employment and Business Services

Host Brooklyn Nets Event

On October 20, AHRC NYC’s Employment and Business Services invited people supported through our organization’s programs, to see the Brooklyn Nets in action against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Barclays Center. Over 30 workers receiving services through AHRC NYC are employed at Barclays throughout the year.


The EBS team set up a promotional stand filled with goodies and brochures for the public to raise awareness about our great programs. “[The] game at the Barclays Center was a huge success for us,” Ashley Agudelo, Corporate Account Executive, said. “We had over 50 individuals from AHRC in attendance who were able to enjoy seeing the Brooklyn Nets win a great game! Our favorite part was being able to tell the fans visiting our table that they can see the individuals from EBS in action, working tonight’s event, whether they were taking tickets and showing people their seats, working the food stand, or assisting with great Brooklyn-made condiments!”

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Photographer Captures Queens in Color

Steven Hoelderich, a lifelong photographer receiving services at AHRC New York City’s Joseph T. Weingold Adult Day Center, is currently exhibiting his work, entitled Cultural Canopies at the Courier/Mittman Gallery at the Queens Courier Newspaper, headquartered in Bayside. This exhibit was inspired by Steven’s photo book entitled Cultural Canopies of Queens.


Steven, who hails from Astoria and attends Weingold in nearby Woodside, took a unique look at the neighborhood stores, traveled to local communities and took pictures of places where the residents go there to get milk, gather, pray– places that are not just areas of convenience, but places where cultures come together. Stories of neighborhoods are conveyed through this photo exhibit. The opening took place on October 9 from 5-7 p.m.and was a smash success, with friends and family coming to support him.

Steven’s comment on the event was simple but filled with pride. “I was the star of the show!” Artists from Wendy M. Siegel Adult Day Center (aka Bushwick) also exhibited their work as well, and a great time was had by all. A special thanks to Vida Sabbaghi, Art Consultant, for all of her incredible efforts in supporting Steven to make his dream of a professional exhibition come true.


Steven also exhibited four canvas prints at the 65th NYSARC Annual Convention in Albany. He was accompanied by his mother Dorothy and his sister Lisa. We learned here that it’s a family tradition to make films and capture photographs, beginning with Steven’s grandfather. Steven had a great time and ushered the visitors to his exhibit very eloquently and with pride. He made connections with a few people representing various projects and he will now exhibit his work at John Jay College in February as a part of a community photo exhibit and at 256 Gallery in Westchester. Steven was also invited to a few other places upstate to talk about his love for photography.

Steven’s photos are back to being featured at the Queens Courier. The exhibit is open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday for another month. No appointment is necessary. Thank you everyone in supporting Steven’s dreams!

Katz and the Cradle

Talented Knitter Creates Beautiful Blankets

Nora Katz practices her patience and love for crocheting by creating beautifully stitched blankets. As person who receives services from AHRC New York City’s Styler Center, Nora personally creates colorful baby blankets using either a triple crochet or shell stitches. She learned how to crochet on her own, but with the assistance of Gail Rivera, Community Support Supervisor, Nora is able to complete intricate, detailed stitches for her blankets.


Since 2007, Nora has completed well over 15 baby blankets and has donated them to Baby Buggy, the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, and any place where there is a need for these crib companions. “I enjoy helping people, especially children,” Nora says “I want to work with or volunteer with kids.” She likes knowing that the dedication and time she puts into each blanket is going to a child.

On Mondays, Nora visits AHRC NYC’s Howie Stone Adult Day Center to take part in a weaving class and has had some of her scarves displayed at the center. She enjoys using bright hues such as yellow and pink and multicolored yarn for her baby blankets. “I take my time to complete each blanket,” Nora says “I don’t rush.”  She sometimes helps her fellow peers at Styler by teaching them how to crochet and make scarves. One of her current projects she is working on is a yellow blanket and blue stitched blanket for herself. Nora is extremely dedicated to her passion of crocheting and willingly accepts donations of yarn or crochet material in order to continue her work.