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DSP Appreciation Week

September 13th through the 19th has been designated DSP Appreciation Week! We proudly celebrate the work of direct support professionals, direct care workers, personal attendants, in-home support workers, and paraprofessionals across the country!


DSPs support a person’s most intimate daily needs, and they are the backbone of organizations in our field. Their dedication and commitment goes beyond any commitment to a job. They are committed to making sure people with disabilities lead rich lives. To DSPs everywhere… THANK YOU!!!


A Successful Team Player and Leader

Laurence Exantus began working in August 2014 at Publishers Circulation Fulfillment.  Laurence is doing a wonderful and diligent job as a Reprographics Associate, working twice a week handling marketing materials; she recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary in her position.

It makes me feel good and proud of myself that I am able to work. I work hard there.  Also I have friends over there who I talk to on break time,” explained Laurence.

Laurence Exantus edited

Laurence is grateful for the support from the Community Support Professionals (CSP) at the Stephen B. Siegel program Josue Jean, Wayne Felton, Sheremal Wooden and CSP Dominic Costa from Cyril Weinberg Adult Day Center.

Laurence shows great leadership, resilience, and growth as a Publishers Circulation Fulfillment employee. Looking back at the past year, it is easy to see how she has blossomed as a responsible, dedicated, and independent leader,” Josue said.

Ability Beyond to Host Technology Showcase

IAC is partnering with Ability Beyond to host various technology events throughout the state that connect service providers, Medicaid beneficiaries with developmental disabilities and their families with tools that promote self-direction, independence, community-based employment and community-based living.

Please view this invitation to Ability Beyond’s upcoming Technology Showcase on September 24, 2015 for more information.


Rally to Save Preschools

On Tuesday August 25, 2015, representatives rallied in front of Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s New York office to save preschools by addressing the following issues:


4410 preschool special education classroom-based programs have not had an increase in tuition for six years causing preschools to be on the brink of closing.


Certified cost reports, filed with the New York State Education Department (SED) between 2010-2013, show that IAC preschools lost almost $20 million during those two fiscal years alone.


4410 Preschools have already had to discontinue field trips and extra activities for children, reduce staff, eliminate social work services, delay necessary maintenance, and curtail benefits to staff.


InterAgency Council agencies are now considering closing their preschool programs. Five special education preschool programs that served over 400 children have already closed, and many more will soon close if this increase is not approved.


Left: AHRC NYC's Christina Muccioli  Right: United Cerebral Palsy's Amy Bittinger

Left: AHRC NYC’s Christina Muccioli
Right: United Cerebral Palsy’s Amy Bittinger

A request of a 3.1% increase to fund preschool special education is, in the scheme of things, relatively small, however; without this increase many preschools will cease to exist and the impact on preschool children with special needs would be profound,” said Chris Muccioli, Director of Educational Services, AHRC NYC.

AHRC New York City thanks everyone who came out for the rally to support school funding for children with disabilities!

AHRC NYC Careers in Janitorial Services at New York Presbyterian Hospital

AHRC New York City’s Department of Employment + Business Services (EBS) trains the people with developmental disabilities to succeed in careers of their choosing. At New York Presbyterian Hospital, 2 EBS employees, Martha Nieves and Sonia Nieves and the Director of Environmental Services at the hospital Kenneth Bang, train and assist the people who are in the janitorial program. Basic Skills Instructor for Careers program, Phuntsok Dechen is also a big part of the trainees’ everyday learning and success.

IMG_0293 - Copy

Kenneth said that there are 4 permanent staff members on the janitorial team and 6 people that recently started training. “I love having them here; they’re like my kids. We have had great success with this program and have come a long way from where we started. Martha and Sonia have been very supportive. This program has been quite the experience and I have had a blast.”


Martha Nieves, employee in the Janitorial Program Susana Perez, Sonia Nieves, and Phuntsok Dechen

Martha Nieves, employee in the Janitorial Program Susana Perez, Sonia Nieves, and Phuntsok Dechen

The classroom portion of the training is 7 weeks long and the hands-on portion in the hospital is about 7 to 8 weeks.


6 trainees ranging from ages 18 to 24 were interviewed and had great things to say about the program.  Kadijah Badiaka said, “I love my job because I clean the labor and delivery rooms and I get to see the new babies.”

IMG_0305 - Copy

Armando Reyes said, “The job creates trust with my coworkers and keeps me determined.”

IMG_0328 - Copy

I love meeting new people every day,” said Lexis Henton.

IMG_0312 - Copy

Dalia Gibbs said, “I enjoy seeing all the action and I like that the job is fast-paced.”

IMG_0331 - Copy

The job keeps me motivated because I like my job and I’m good at cleaning,” said Dayshawn Arnold.  “I clean at home for myself so I might as well clean for people that really need the help.

Overall, the Janitorial Services program has made a big difference in the trainees’ lives. They are learning valuable skills to take with them for the future and they are very proud of their accomplishments.