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Salesforce Presents: Q&A with AHRC NYC on Disability Employment Awareness Month

Salesforce, a company that employs workers with intellectual and developmental disabilities, interviews AHRC New York City's CEO, Marco Damiani and Shauna Lozada, Marketing Director for AHRC NYC’s Employment and Business Services department, discussing workplace accessibility and the positive results that employees with disabilities have gained through employment.
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A Practice Run for Air Travel

The Summer 2019 edition of Autism Spectrum News features an article written by Lynn Berman, Media Consultant for AHRC New York City, about a program that helps families of children and young adults with autism to practice the steps of airline travel.
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Aging with I/DD as a Paradigm for the Aging Population at Large

The Spring 2019 edition of Behavioral Health News features an article written by AHRC New York City's Chief Program Officer, Elizabeth Lynam and Vice President of Residential Services, Monica Santos. Stressing proven and effective solutions in caring for an increasing number of people with I/DD over the age of 65, the article underlines the responsibilities of provider organizations to focus on social determinants of health and supporting meaningful social roles as well as promoting whole person-centered planning and support. 
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