AHRC New York City Partners with Core Solutions to Develop Electronic Health Record

Shirley Berenstein
Director of Public Information, AHRC New York City

AHRC New York City Partners with Core Solutions in
Groundbreaking Project to Develop an Electronic Health Record (EHR) Platform
Built with the Newest Technologies to Better Support People with
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)

(New York, NY October 10, 2016) — AHRC New York City, a leader in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities (l/DD) for sixty eight years, is excited to announce a groundbreaking enterprise project intended to even further its commitment to assist people with I/DD to build full lives in the community. AHRC New York City in partnership with Core Solutions is currently developing a Long Term Services and Supports Electronic Health Record (LTSS EHR) utilizing Core Solutions’ modern technology platform Cx360. The platform is being enhanced with customized functionality to meet New York State’s financial, compliance and regulatory requirements for I/DD providers. The LTSS EHR will profoundly impact AHRC New York City’s capacity to manage operations, to provide services, to improve operational controls and quality, to automate information exchange, and to make informed decisions in the current fee-for- service environment and in New York State’s transition to managed care and value based payment models.

Several years ago, it became evident to AHRC New York City that an LTSS EHR had become a necessity in order to do business in the significantly changing and complex field of I/DD. This LTSS EHR will be the repository of all medical, behavioral, and clinical information, service delivery documentation, as well as, demographic and personal data maintained in a person-centered-record for every person with I/DD whose life is touched by the organization. The LTSS EHR will be an integrated solution allowing the sharing of information with relevant outside organizations/health care providers, and will be fully integrated with other technology used by the organization and its partners. As such, AHRC New York City views the LTSS EHR as the foundational piece of a broader Agency Information Platform connecting systems and processes across the business.

A comprehensive needs-assessment was performed clearly delineating what was required by AHRC New York City. In 2015, the organization applied for and was awarded a Balancing Incentive Program (BIP) grant by New York State OPWDD which utilizes Federal funding per section G, page 20 of 26 of the Master Contract for Grants. The purpose of the grant award was to develop a strategic roadmap, and identify and purchase a technology platform to meet the needs of I/DD providers in New York State. The project was aided by the inclusion of four other downstate I/DD providers, also chapters of NYSARC Inc., who have served as advisory partners. AHRC New York City with the assistance of Deloitte Consulting conducted an exhaustive evaluation process across over 100 software vendors in the health care technology sector. Core Solutions’ platform designed specifically for behavioral health and health and human services, was ultimately selected. Cx360 has the potential to simplify the care experience by delivering integrated care coordination, improving client engagement and streamlining accurate provider reimbursement.

The field of l/DD historically has had no designated funding for, nor access to, a modern technology means to impact the delivery of services with functionality geared to its very unique needs. This project will bring an LTSS EHR using the latest Microsoft.NET technology to the l/DD community.

Core’s sincere interest in people with l/DD impressed Gary Lind, Executive Director, AHRC New York City who said, “Core is a forward-thinking company with a keen awareness of the direction in which technology is rapidly moving, which was evident in their willingness to partner with us to create a solution that does not currently exist. Their focus on the customer, customer needs and customer service was very evident and important to our decision.” He continued, “The amount of information required to properly provide services to people with l/DD is voluminous and includes all facets of health, clinical and service information. Having a centralized person-centered source for this information via Cx360 will, without doubt, allow for better and more efficient services to the people we at AHRC are committed to supporting.”

Additionally, AHRC New York City found Core Solutions cx360 to have:

• An intuitive user interface design which will make staff use simple and encourage user adoption;
• Easily configurable workflows that will support data collection and management;
• A powerful business rules engine that will accommodate the constantly changing and complex regulatory environment; and,
• Analytics integrated into the system’s utilities that will assist with data-driven decision making.

“We are privileged to partner with a mission-driven organization like AHRC New York City to offer an l/DD solution that will impact service delivery not only at AHRC but at other l/DD provider agencies across the country,” said Ravi Ganesan, President and CEO, Core Solutions. “AHRC New York City is an organization with the courage to push the envelope of innovation to create a next-generation l/DD solution focused on delivering integrated health in an evolving value-based payment environment,” stated Scott Kolesar, Principal in Deloitte Consulting’s Life Sciences Healthcare practice.

AHRC New York City looks forward to sharing more information regarding our LTSS EHR over the next year. The system is expected to go live by the end of 2017.

About AHRC New York City

AHRC New York City is a family governed organization committed to finding ways for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to build full lives as defined by each person and supported by dedicated families, staff and community partners. Touching the lives of over 15,000 people annually, AHRC New York City is one of the largest providers of services to the l/DD population in the state. The organization is the New York City Chapter of NYSARC Inc., and an affiliate of the Arc of the United States. Learn more at www.ahrcnyc.org

About Core Solutions, Inc.

Core Solutions (Core) is a progressive leader in providing Electronic Health Records software to government, non-profit and commercial entities in the health and human services industry. Core is a mission driven organization with the goal of improving the lives of individuals and families receiving behavioral health services through better technology. Our strategy for achieving this mission is through a “Better EHR Experience.” Learn more at www.coresolutionsinc.com

Deloitte Consulting LIP

Deloitte Consulting LLP (Deloitte) is anchored by a Culture of Purpose – an engrained mission to work in ways that create positive impact for our clients, the people they support, and the broader health system. Deloitte’s global Healthcare and Social Services industry practice has successfully guided hundreds of healthcare provider organizations in their journeys toward sustainable strategies and meaningful use adoption of EHR5, helping our clients realize transformational financial, operational, and quality benefits. Learn more at www.deloitte.com

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