Alexander Torres, a prolific artist based at AHRC New York City’s Brooklyn Day Services, had their work included in a group show at Steven Zavitas Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts.  The group show, Animal Instincts, was curated by Brooklyn Day Services’ art consultant, Anastasiya Tarasenko.  The exhibition was on display from early July until August 14, 2021.

Alex Torres Supreme 01

“Supreme 01” by artist, Alex Torres

In putting together Animal Instincts, I thought about the ubiquity of animal symbolism throughout human history to the present day,” Anastaysia said in her curatorial statement. “When our ancestors, far and wide, first put their tools to the use of making images, they chose to celebrate their complex relationship with nature. Contemporary artists carry on this tradition well into the 21st century, tapping into the vast lexicon of animal imagery to depict their inner and outer worlds. While the immediacy of our relationship with nature grows ever distant, the labor of animals carries on in our minds… Where is the tremendous force of life going to carry us, the beasts we are, next?

Anastasiya had this to say about working with Alex: “I knew I had to include Alex Torres’ painting of a shark rising about the water when I began curating a show of paintings and sculpture at Steven Zevitas Gallery. Alex’s work is powerful and dynamic and fully deserves to be seen in a gallery context along with his contemporary peers. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Alex has been expressing himself through art for more than a decade. In addition to his visual art, he also enjoys creating music and fashion designs. In 2015, Alex was recognized for his digital designs and paintings by the Brooklyn Arts Council, which has bestowed Alex with a Community Arts Grant. At that time, he said: “. “I know that people like me with disabilities can always do art and win every day. I hope that winning this grant will inspire people like me. I promise one thing by getting this award – to get more goals and achieve more. I won’t stop doing my art any day.

Alex was very excited to have the opportunity to show at an art gallery outside of the city. He is always grateful for the opportunity to raise his profile. “It’s really cool man to have my painting in the show and sell it,” Alex said.