Art has the power to transform communities and bond people together. With this in mind and in anticipation of its official launch later this month, B’Lynx’s Art Cart was given a trial run at AHRC NYC’s Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School on Wednesday, April 26th.

Children and staff at the school were able to create unique and fun crafts under the guidance of some of B’Lynx’s members, including Kate Isenberg, Marketing and Database Manager, Public Information; Joyce Minault, Community Support Supervisor, Brooklyn Day Services; Nashalie Ledesma, Community Support Professional, Bush Terminal; Chad DeRoche, an artist from Brooklyn Day Habilitation; and Equality Robinson, who receives services through at Bush Terminal.

How an Art Cart Gets its Start

B’Lynx is a group dedicated to improving its local Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights through art and community connections. It is made up of staff and people supported by Brooklyn Day Services, Bush Terminal, Brooklyn Day Habilitation Without Walls, Employment and Business Services Brooklyn, and AHRC NYC’s Public Information Department.
The group used funds they were awarded in a 2016 Citizen’s Committee for NYC Neighborhood Grant to build the Art Cart. Originally Chad DeRoche’s idea, the group wanted the Art Cart to bring creativity to their neighborhood. With construction complete, the cart is now a mobile art center, available to people in Crown Heights to work on art projects at street fairs, farmers’ markets, and other gathering points in the community.

The group realized that the Art Cart would not only be a great way for B’Lynx artists to show their work around the neighborhood; it could also be a way to bring many of the diverse community members of Crown Heights together.

The Art Cart at Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary

Teachers worked with the students as they created unique crafts

Teachers worked with the students as they created unique crafts

The bonding powers of the Art Cart were on full display at Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary school. Students rushed into the school’s GYM, where they were presented with a choice of two separate crafts to create: customized masks or rainbow clouds, made using plates, colorful streamers, and cotton balls.

The cart is stuffed with all types of art supplies, including glue, paintbrushes, crayons, construction paper, and so much more. The variety of choices allows for artists to experience new mediums and broaden their horizons. For beginners, the cart is a great opportunity to create simple works and wares. For experienced artists, the cart offers endless creative possibilities.

Students added their own styles to the art projects. Some used googly eyes while others mixed colored pencils and fun foam to decorate masks. Equality and Kate worked at the individual tables with students and teachers while Chad and Joyce worked directly on the art cart, inviting students to join them.

A Smooth Debut

The Art Cart will officially be rolled out on Friday, May 19th with a launch party at Art Cafe and Bar (884 Pacific Street, Brooklyn) from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. All are welcome to attend. For more information, email