On Tuesday October 6, 2015, Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School hosted its second visitor from Australia, Executive Principal, Anna Rigoni from the Northern School for Autism (NSA) in Victoria, Australia.

The NSA is committed to the implementation of best practice in teaching and learning for students with autism. As a result, Ms. Rigoni applied for and was awarded $10,000 to observe schools and programs of excellence. Her grant allowed her to visit schools in other continents that “were considered to have best practice” as defined by the industry. Ms. Rigoni’s search took her to Singapore, London, North Carolina, and New York to AHRC NYC’s Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary School (BBF).

In each locale, Ms. Rigoni visited three different programs. She spent the day observing BBF and met with senior AHRC New York City staff: Christina Muccioli, Director of Education, Mary Donahue, Ph.D., Director of Psychological Services and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Zoe Ann Deeds, Principal of Brooklyn Blue Feather Elementary, Sana Shadad, BCBA for Educational Services, and Jennifer Kerr, Supervisor of Clinical Services for AHRC NYC’s School Age programs. Ms. Rigoni hopes to develop a professional collaboration with AHRC NYC in the future.