In 2006, AHRC New York City’s, Assistant Executive Director, Steve Towler established the Seniors Without Walls program, to ensure that seniors supported through our organization’s services would receive as many opportunities to enjoy retirement as possible.

Since that time, the seniors of the Bronx have enjoyed an array of events and activities at a local senior center in the Bronx. In the beginning, four seniors were making visits to the Aging in America Senior Center on a daily basis. Over the past 10 years, the program has undergone many changes, including a change of venue. Today, the seniors are visiting the JASA Bay Eden Senior Center. They receive a breakfast, lunch, and activities from 8:00 am through 1:00 or 2:00 pm. Activities include pool, community walks, and participating in various parties and food excursions. The seniors make trips to the zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, the movies, and apple picking, to name a few.

AHRC NYC is expanding its Senior Without Walls program. We invite seniors, (both men and women, ages 60 and above) who travel independently or who travel using Access-A-Ride, to join us. This program is available Monday through Friday, and if seniors continue to work and would like to take advantage of this opportunity on specific days of the week, we can accommodate.

Please contact AHRC NYC’s Employment and Business Services in the Bronx to learn more.