The article below was written by Amanda ClickCommunity Support ProfessionalStephen B. Siegel Day Center

On August 6, four people receiving services at Stephen B. Siegel Day Center, Anna KomisarchikAlmina BeletesevicJimmy Ghanem and Julian Kreynin, accompanied by Community Support ProfessionalAlla Posokhova, visited the NYPD 61st Precinct. It was their second trip to this office, which serves the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Kings Bay, and Manhattan Beach. Alla’s son, Officer, Yuriy Posokhova, serves at the precinct.

Officers Cucuzza and Lauren led the tour, which included a visit to the holding cell, the precinct’s gym, kitchen, and different units inside the precinct.  A  demonstration of walkie-talkies was also provided. The group visited the memorial wall, an area full of portraits and memorabilia, which the officers explained was to honor NYPD officers and first responders who had lost their lives saving others.

The group’s favorite part of the tour was the gym, where they tried out some of the exercise machines and punching bags! At the end of the tour, all of the officers on duty were excited to take a group photo and each visitor received an NYPD badge and a souvenir eyeglass cleaning cloth featuring the NYPD crest.

It was a great experience in developing relationships with our community partners.