Thousands of AHRC New York City’s Direct Support Professionals will be receiving gifts, thanks to the hard work of the staff of AHRC New York City’s Joseph T. Weingold Day Services, and people who receive services through the program. Through a partnership between the organization’s Day Services department and Organizational and Employee Development, many employees will be receiving a travel bag, an AHRC NYC baseball cap, and a colorful card with a thank you message from CEO, Marco Damiani, and the Senior Leadership Team.

Seth Krakauer of AHRC NYC's Organizational and Employee Development helps to coordinate organization wide DSP appreciation efforts with program staff

Seth Krakauer of AHRC NYC’s Organizational and Employee Development helps to coordinate organization-wide DSP appreciation efforts with program staff

I have been doing this for a couple of years with Henry Mildener, Associate Director of Vocational Services for ADS,” said Seth Krakauer, Employee Development Manager. With over 4,000 gifts needing to be assembled and shipped out, Weingold has both the manpower and space to accommodate these needs.

We’re always willing to have any type of work come in here,” says Community Support Professional, Johanna Silverio. “It’s an opportunity for [the people we support] to improve their fine motor skills and their vocational skills. And it’s great for DSPs to participate because it gives them an opportunity to be appreciated and assemble the work for other staff.”

Seth said that it’s an honor to be able to contribute something to DSPs. “They do a job that’s priceless. We like to do the best we can to show our appreciation. We wish we could do more and the least we can do is to say thank you with a gift.”

Others also expressed pleasure at being able to do their part to recognize DSPs. “I think it’s a good thing for them to have something,” says Rose Platnick, who helped to assemble the gift bags by putting one hat and card in each blue carrying case. “They deserve it. They help me a lot.”