Cory Olicker Henkel
2nd Vice President

Cory O. HenkelCory joined the AHRC NYC Board of Directors in 2012 out of a deep gratitude for what AHRC NYC has provided her and her family, particularly her daughter, Kyra, and with the goal of offering her talents to the Organization in return. Since that time, Cory has served on a number of committees and currently serves as Co-Chair of the Audit Committee, and as a member of the Executive Committee, the Day Services/Employment Business Services/Residential Committee, the Investment Committee, and the Nominating Committee.

Cory includes among her most important contributions to AHRC NYC her service as Co-Chair of the Executive Search Committee that identified and vetted Marco Damiani as CEO, as well as her work on the Nominating Committee, on which she is now serving her second three-year term. During her first term, she chaired the committee and developed the means by which board member and officer service is defined, measured, and evaluated. During this, her second term, Cory expects to further contribute to this process, with a goal of making the AHRC NYC Board as effective as possible.

As to some of her proudest accomplishments outside of work and AHRC NYC, Cory points to the founding and flourishing of the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation (subsequently merged into the Rett Syndrome Research Trust), and the incorporation into virtually every NYC playground today a swing that accommodates children with disabilities.

Cory holds a BA from Yale University and an MHA from Duke University and is currently the Administrator for the Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine of Weill Cornell Medical College.