Ann Greenberg with her son, Jerry

Ann Greenberg with her son, Jerry

Ann Greenberg could never have imagined the impact of the two-line classified ad she placed on July 9, 1948, in the New York Post. It literally changed lives. Greenberg, whose son Jerry had developmental delays, placed the ad which read: “To mothers of retarded children, ages, 4-8: Are you interested in helping to start a day nursery for your children?” She received 10 responses. But within a year, through word of mouth and a few brief newspaper articles, hundreds of families joined together.

The Start of Parents’ Movement

The New York Post ad was just a beginning for Ann Greenberg, who was determined to help children with disabilities and their families. It was the foundation for one of New York City’s largest organizations supporting children and adults with disabilities — AHRC New York City (AHRC NYC).

Seventy years after placing the ad, Ann’s legacy continues. AHRC NYC empowers the people it supports and their family members. Today we offer preschools for children with delays, school age and high school programs, and even college programs for young adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

See Ann Greenberg’s Story

Twenty years ago, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the advertisement, AHRC New York City created a video telling Ann’s story in her own words. The video is still timely as we continue to move into the future.

View the video.