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AHRC Stands for Advocacy, Humanity, Reimagination and Change

Advocacy * Humanity * Reimagination * Change

Emerging from an unprecedented two years, we first acknowledge the devastating toll the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on all of us. Yet there is a silver lining. We are re-emerging stronger. The crisis gave us time to rethink the significance of why we exist, what we do, and how we do it. This is expressed in AHRC NYC’s newly refined vision and mission– our credo.

Our vision is to help create a socially just world where the power of difference is embraced, valued and celebrated.

Our mission is to advocate for people who are neurodiverse to lead full and equitable lives.

AHRC New York City's logo

This, our credo, is captured in our new look.  Our updated logo is bold and simple, a new take on the old thus honoring our legacy but looking to the future. A new signature color, lemonade, is fresh and different, signifying hope and optimism.  A new graphic symbol – lemon “zests” –has been designed to embody advocacy, representing and celebrating the power of the individual, each unique with its own character and markings but more powerful together than apart. We will use these “zests” in all of our communication materials as we re-define how we present ourselves to the audiences who matter most to us.

Zests Example

You will start to encounter this new look in some of our AHRC NYC buildings, in our publications and communication materials, and online on our website and our social media platforms. You will start to hear us describing our organization as generous, curious, optimistic, and a place where the dignity of each person is paramount. You will also see staff living our brand by reaffirming their commitment to behave with agility, heart, respect for one another and a collaborative spirit.

Join us in advocating for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; in recognizing the humanity and dignity of everyone; in reimagining how we envision the world; and in making the changes necessary to transition this vision into a reality. Generosity guides us as we honor our legacy and continuously grow through a culture of curiosity, creativity and optimism.