Albert Papino is 28 years old, and for the first time in his life, he has a job.  Albert was one of the first employees hired by SHREDability, an AHRC New York City business that provides secure document destruction while employing people with disabilities.

Joining the Team

When he joined the SHREDability team in 2011, Albert was a Sorter and learned his job task quickly.  After demonstrating his motivation, Albert learned to use the shredding machine, a major responsibility, requiring him to ensure the timely shredding of documents.  As the service started growing, the number of documents needing to be destroyed on a given day also grew.  The growth led to operating a double shift, and Albert’s efficiency and productivity have followed suit.

Albert is an important part of operations. He has become a key member.  He is efficient and responsible and does his part very well,” says Naira Aslanyan, who works with Albert at SHREDability.

Albert’s Time at SHREDability

Albert’s story stands as a testament to the difference a job can make in the life of a person with a disability.  He is happy to be a part of the SHREDability team and shows it through his patience, hard work, and friendliness.  “He’s always up and ready to go,” says Albert’s mother, Yvonne.  “Before [he began working], Albert had too much leisure time, which he found depressing. Now, his job keeps him happy.”  Albert enjoys earning a paycheck and shopping at the supermarket for snacks and food for lunch.  He even saved up for a video game console.

Albert is one of many New Yorkers with intellectual and developmental disabilities who had to overcome many barriers in order to become employed.  He has been provided with the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of a job well done, to become more independent, to earn his own money and to feel appreciated by his co-workers.  Currently, only 31.8% of New York City residents with disabilities are employed, despite the fact that many people with disabilities are capable of adding value to employers by achieving workplace goals with effort and dedication.

About the Joslin Awards

AHRC New York City is proud to announce that Albert Papino was recently nominated for the 2013 NYSID Joslin Awards.  The Joslin Awards Program was established in 2004 by the NYSID Board of Directors in memory of William B. Joslin, to recognize outstanding job performance and personal success by people with disabilities who are employed on NYSID preferred source contracts.

All eligible persons nominated by NYSID contract-holding member agencies and corporate partners in good standing will receive an Outstanding Performer award certificate, with a check in the amount of $300.00.  These individuals will be announced before and at the NYSID Annual Meeting on September 2013, included in a 2013 Joslin ‘yearbook,’ and profiled in other NYSID materials.  One of these award winners will be selected by the NYSID Board of Directors’ Joslin Awards Committee to receive the prestigious “Joslin Award,” to be presented at the NYSID Annual Meeting on September 2013. The Award will consist of a commemorative plaque and a check in the amount of $1,000.00.