Anton Dillard, a 35-year-old man who receives supports from AHRC New York City and his Job Coach, David Grotell, has recently started his first job at Buffalo Wild Wings. His coworkers and supervisors all had good things to say about Anton:

Buffalo Wild Wings manager, Sarah, loves working with him. She said, “He is very smart. Although communicating may be difficult for Anton at times, he follows directions and gets everything cleaned and setup before the restaurant opens. Anton was voted employee of the month and chosen by the whole team. He is a great addition to our staff. I hope Buffalo Wild Wings continues to hire people with special needs because they contribute enormously to the business.”

The restaurant is very spacious and it is easy for Anton to move quickly through each task on his own. When it is time to start work, Anton is on a mission to do his best.

Assistant manager, Larry said, “Anton goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is timely, takes on more responsibility than he is asked, and he makes the lives of the other staff members easier. We anticipate doing more with Anton down the road.”

Anton’s daily duties include, but are not limited to: mopping the floors, wiping the windows, working as a prep chef for the takeout section, cleaning the bathroom, refilling the ice, and opening the restaurant so customers can have a nice and clean atmosphere to eat in.

Anton was asked what he thought about working at Buffalo Wild Wings: “I am proud to be working here and to be Employee of the Month.”

This job is perfect for him. The job has a set routine and there are no customers at the time Anton works. I wish there were more jobs like this for people with disabilities. I am very proud of Anton and all he has achieved,” said David Grotell.

AHRC New York City is proud to celebrate Anton’s accomplishments at his job, as well as those shared by countless people with disabilities across the country.