Artist from AHRC New York City’s Rockaway Parkway Adult Day Center Featured in Pennsylvania Art Show

Hin Wah Mock of AHRC New York City’s Rockaway Parkway Adult Day Center had his artwork selected for the Art Ability show at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Art Ability is an international show, open to people with all ranges of disability, and has an audience of about 3,000 people. The show runs from November 5, 2016 through January 29, 2017.

In 2015, Hin Wah decided he wanted to be an artist after attending the show Friendship Gallery at AHRC NYC Headquarters. Before that point he was not interested in art, but after seeing his friends’ creative works featured, he decided he wanted to make work that could potentially be exhibited as well. Hin Wah started painting the following week and has continued to paint to this day. Now he works on his artwork twice per week with Dianna Barry, Art Consultant, to continue to develop his process.

Hin Wah’s drawing process starts with selecting a subject he would like to paint, usually relating to his life and interests. For example, for the School painting featured in the Art Ability show, he chose the subject of Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood. DUMBO was the location of his previous AHRC NYC Day Program, Dean O’Hare Day Center, (which closed in 2011). Hin Wah used his tablet to select a photo of the area and recreated the photo on canvas. His work, School depicts two of the buildings near Dean O’Hare, framing the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. Hin Wah also has a series about the AHRC NYC Olympics, showing his team pride for the Canarsie Rockaway Parkway’s Eagles mascot.

The other work featured in Art Ability is called Boat and was inspired by a cruise Hin Wah took with his family. He has several other paintings inspired by this vacation, including one of Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica and others of relaxing beach moments.

Hin Wah is very excited to have his work featured, often talking about the pieces that were selected for exhibition.

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About the Author:

Dylan Watton is the Communications Coordinator at AHRC New York City.