The article below was written by Matthew CrowleyCommunity Support ProfessionalChurch Avenue Day Habilitation

A summertime barbecue in Prospect Park was a bit of an annual tradition for the Bush Terminal Adult Day Program and it has officially been renewed after the program’s move to Flatbush, Brooklyn on Church Avenue over a year ago. Conveniently, Prospect Park now only blocks away, long a popular means of community integration due to its merits as an urban oasis. A greater familiarity with the park made it easier to find the perfect spot for the event. Easy access to the public grills was just as important as the shade a perfectly massive tree could provide, essential under the summer sun.

The menu, meant to appeal to all appetites, featured hamburgers and turkey burgers, as well as a truly tasty veggie alternative, all cooked to perfection by staff chefs. The day was full of a variety of games and seasonally appropriate activities, with some exciting prizes to compete for.

The day was capped off with the requisite cake and assorted goodies, along with the unavoidable group clean-up effort. It was a necessarily cooperative effort due to its magnitude and, of course, essential to being good neighbors in our new location.

It must be noted that all of this food and fun were wholly funded by the profits of numerous annual holiday arts and crafts fairs, which each included handcrafted items exhibiting the amazing natural talents of the many artists among us all at the Brooklyn TBI and Church Avenue Day Habilitation Programs.