Representatives from the Council on Quality and Leadership began a weeklong visit to AHRC New York City on Monday, October 15th. The visit was part of AHRC NYC’s path to receiving CQL’s Person-Centered Excellence Re-Accreditation. CQL challenges organizations to constantly move forward. AHRC NYC relishes the opportunity to grow further and continue to develop wonderful person-centered programs.

Dozens of AHRC NYC stakeholders gathered at AHRC NYC Headquarters to provide CQL staff with a broad overview of AHRC’s programs and recent initiatives. Self-advocates Danielle Levine and Chad DeRoche spoke about their experiences lobbying in Albany for disability rights issues. Sacha AmryAssistant Director of Camping and Recreation, and Matthew EstepSelf-Advocacy Advisor, highlighted their work in organizing AHRC NYC’s participation in the LGTBQ Pride Parade and the Disability Pride Parade.

Bernard Carabello, a longtime self advocate, with Marco Damiani, CEO of AHRC New York City

Bernard Carabello, a longtime self-advocate, with Marco Damiani, CEO of AHRC New York City

Marco DamianiCEO, showcased what’s ahead for the organization by focusing on five important goals—full integration with Care Coordination organizations; successfully transitioning to managed care; launching a comprehensive agency information platform; integrating a new human resources information system; and a commitment to leadership development at all levels of the organization.

On Thursday, October 18th, stakeholders let their creativity run wild as eight groups presented on eight topics including community connections, person-centered planning, and quality and accountability. Groups wrote poems, sang original songs, and even played a game of AHRC NYC Jeopardy to communicate successful ideas and initiatives taking place at the organization.

After the weeklong review of its person-centered programs by representatives from CQL, we are pleased to announce that our organization has received re-accreditation from the Council on Quality and Leadership. “It was a wonderful week to demonstrate and reflect upon the impact of our collective vision and commitment to excellence,” said Marco.

We look forward to finding ways to support people with disabilities as they build full lives of their choosing.