AHRC New York City’s Employment and Business Services, (EBS,) hosted an event at Brooklyn Borough Hall on Thursday, January 22, 2015. Taking place in the beautiful courtroom area of the building, the event was an opportunity for EBS leadership and staff to explain the mission of EBS and how they can help prospective partners achieve their goals. Also featured were current partners of AHRC NYC, who provided testimonials about the successes they have had with employees who are supported through our services.

Creating Awareness

We create awareness in the community and educate employers on the benefits of hiring people with developmental disabilities,” Shauna Lozada, Director of Marketing, said. Shauna outlined a number of ways AHRC New York City can help businesses, including tax credits. “Our guys can do any job that any of us can do, just with reasonable accommodation,” she added.

The event began with a welcome to Borough Hall from Lori Lewis, Head of External Affairs and Marketing, who thanked AHRC New York City for their continued partnership and provided a brief history of the building. She then gave the floor to Steve Towler, Associate Executive Director, who explained how he helped to create Employment and Business Services in 1986 and how he still sees the first person whom he found a job for.  He also responded to a question on the importance of integration in the workforce. “Integration is one of the real keys to long term success, and we work to make that possible whenever we can,” Steve said. “The majority of people we support are fully integrated into their workplace…

Specialisterne USA

Steve also expounded on AHRC New York City’s work with Specialisterne USA, a company founded in Denmark that helps find jobs for people with disabilities who typically require low levels of support, and who can work in the all-important technology sector.  “These workers have great attention to detail, high tolerance for repetitive work, the kinds of things in the modern economy we need a lot of,” Konstantin Zborovskiy, Program Director, said.

Hudson River Services

Salvatore Moran, Associate Director, EBS, highlighted many of the programs that AHRC NYC makes available to serve the needs of businesses that hire people with disabilities, including Hudson River Services, (which provides janitorial services to a myriad of locations, including the Staten Island Ferry and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court,) SHREDability, and Specialisterne USA.


Sal explained how SHREDability, an AHRC NYC-operated business in the Bronx, provides secure document destruction for a wide variety of businesses in the region, while employing people with disabilities. He also explained that the company has a strong interest in opening a SHREDability location in Brooklyn, and as gift to Borough Hall, he announced that SHREDability would provide shredding services free for one year.

From a business perspective we’re meeting you’re needs,” Sal said. “From a social perspective we’re putting people with disabilities, at-risk youth, and community members to work. From a sustainability perspective, SHREDability helped save over 26,000 tress last year. Many individuals go above and beyond once given the opportunity [to work],” Sal added. “And we are looking for opportunities to grow in Brooklyn. It’s a great place to do business and it’s wonderful to see it growing.”

Testimonial from Barclay’s Center

In a testimonial to the great partnership EBS has had with so many employers, Greg Costa, Associate Director for Food and Beverage at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, summed up the arena’s experience with AHRC New York City’s supported employees.  “Here’s two words for you:,” he said.  “It works. – And if it works for us in our ever-changing environment, there’s no situation where it doesn’t work.