The testimonial below was submitted by Sanjida Chowdhury‘s colleagues at AHRC NYC’s Rockaway Parkway Day Services and Lorraine CohenAssistive Technology Specialist, Day Services.

Rockaway Parkway Day Services would like to appreciate Community Support ProfessionalSanjida Chowdhury for her consistent effort in working with Abrahim Alsoora. Abrahim uses a communication device to express his wants, needs, thoughts, and feelings. Sanjida not only is a caring and committed CSP but also has excellent tech skills. Combined, these skills have enabled her to assist Abrahim in using his communication device in many situations and across different environments.

Abrahim truly delights in using his “voice” to not only express his unique needs and feelings but also to talk about current affairs and political issues. Sanjida also supports Abrahim to add icons and phrases to his devices that help him to better express himself. Abrahim regularly attends a monthly AAC meetup where he, along with other people supported throughout AHRC New York City’s Day Services who also use communication devices, share their opinions on different topics and also celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Sanjida accompanies him to the meetup and makes sure his device is fully charged and has all the phrases necessary for him to communicate as Abraham’s physical abilities restrict his independence in these areas. As a result of Sanjida’s dedicated communication partnership with Abrahim, he is always prepared for the sessions.

Sanjida’s efforts have helped Abrahim to use other means of technology which keeps him aware of what’s going on across the world. We would like to recognize Sanjida’s efforts that have enabled Abrahim to successfully use technology that increase his ability to express himself and also take great pride in the skills he possesses.