AHRC Middle High School article posted in Autism Spectrum NewsThe Winter 2020 edition of Autism Spectrum News (page 27) contains an article about Pace University’s outreach program with the AHRC Middle / High School, (MHS) in which Pace students mentor MHS students with ASD to create personalized projects related to geography using virtual reality and the internet.  The project culminates with the MHS students presenting their final projects to their parents and to the MHS staff and teachers in the auditorium of the university.

This project is one of several that have brought Pace students together with students and adults with disabilities who are supported by AHRC NYC for over a decade, thanks to a longstanding partnership between AHRC NYC and Pace.  We thank James Lawler, DPS, Professor of Disability Studies and Information Technologies, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Pace University, for his continued dedication to this partnership, and for connecting learners of all abilities through projects that explore new technologies.

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