Salvador Moran, Director of AHRC New York City’s Employment and Business Services, was remotely celebrated by his colleagues, family, and friends as he received SourceAmerica’s NCSE Management Excellence Award. SourceAmerica, a longtime partner organization of AHRC NYC and The Arc New York, delivers products and services through a national community of organizations that share a common vision to provide employment options for professionals with disabilities.

A formal celebration in the nation’s capital was planned earlier this year but had to be scuttled due to the ban on large gatherings necessitated by COVID-19. Steve Towler, Vice President of Programs & Business Development, who was honored by SourceAmerica in 2014, was grateful to be able to celebrate Sal with dozens of colleagues around to see it.

If this was in Washington, DC, only a couple of people would have had a chance to celebrate with Sal about this award and recognize all of his achievements during his years with AHRC NYC,” Steve said. “Sal has been somebody that we can always count on. He’s an extremely hardworking, dedicated, passionate professional who’s so committed to the organization. I’m honored to be a part of Sal’s growth over the years.

Decades of Meaningful Work

Sal’s AHRC NYC journey has spanned for more than 27 years. He began as a Job Coach in 1992 and steadily advanced his career to his current role as Director of EBS. He has been one of the driving forces behind the success of Hudson River Services, which has provided quality employment to hundreds of people with disabilities. Sal and the many HRS employees were among the essential workers who kept the agency and New York City running throughout the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sal’s passion for helping people with I/DD find meaningful work comes from growing up with a sister with a disability, which was highlighted by a number of people.

This is a life’s work. It’s obvious that having a sibling with DD and also starting out as a DPS is an enormously powerful foundation to give back to people who can do quite a lot when given the opportunity to do so,” said Marco Damiani, CEO of AHRC NYC. “Few things are more important in our existence than doing something on a daily basis that you love to and earn a living, and that’s one of the primary reasons we exist.

Wayne Thomas, Regional Director for EBS in the Bronx, said that working for Sal inspires loyalty and commitment. “Sal has a genuine, deep care for the people we serve not only because of his sister but a general belief in our overall mission,” Wayne said. “We believe in Sal. He is someone that has such a strong vision in what we can all accomplish as a team that it becomes contagious.

Gratitude from Sal

Sal said that his unwavering commitment to AHRC NYC stems from the lessons he learned from his family. “The commitment to the mission is important and it comes from the fact that I have a sister with an intellectual disability. Early on in my life, my father instilled in us to fight really hard to respect people with disabilities, to believe in their powers that we don’t see. People with disabilities deserve to be included in everything we do.

Sal thanked his family for their support throughout the years. “My family knows my dedication is true. I am proud to be a member of AHRC NYC–this has been my home, Steve has been my mentor, my friend, and my colleague, and it’s been an amazing opportunity to work with so many wonderful and talented people. I would do it again even after I pass on to the next world.

Congratulation, Sal, and we all look forward to continuing to support your passion for helping people with disabilities maintain employment for many years to come.