Michaels art supply stores are a maze of picture frames, yarns, beads, paints, and anything else the average artist needs. Tamara Jefferson has mastered this maze, assisting customers in finding the items they need and helping them make their way through the store.

I’ve been working here since August 29th, 2016,” says Tamara Jefferson. “I got it through AHRC NYC. It’s a nice, clean store. I help the customers, I do spray paint [which is locked behind glass and opened upon customer request]. It’s a lot of running back and forth.

Tamara Jefferson with Celia Helander

Tamara Jefferson with Celia Helander

Tamara has connected with so many customers who visit the downtown Brooklyn Michaels store where she works, and she has also connected with her colleagues and supervisors. Celia Helander, one of the store’s Managers, felt it was time to recognize Tamara’s excellent work over the past year.

On November 3rd, Celia and other Michaels employees surprised Tamara with a framed plaque containing signatures and well-wishes from coworkers and a message from the store at large recognizing Tamara’s outstanding work.

Tamara, Thank you so much for everything you do here to support your team members and help our customers,” the message read. “You are fun, friendly, hardworking, and you make our store a better place. We appreciate you and think you’re an ACE! Thank you!

Tamara is early every day and never complains,” Celia said. “She’s always happy to be here and we’re always happy to have her.

I feel so happy. Just wow!” Tamara exclaimed upon being presented with the award. “I didn’t know anything about this.

Several of Tamara’s friends from AHRC NYC stopped by the store to congratulate her and sign the plaque, which is now displayed on the second floor of the store.

We were in the office and we came especially for this,” Galina Pavlovska, a Job Coach from Employment and Business Services-Brooklyn’s Supported Employment program, said. She came with fellow Job CoachHalina Tsaruk. “We are proud of all of our people when they achieve so much and their achievements are our achievements too.