written by Estefania FloresTransition CoordinatorAHRC Middle High School

Students at AHRC Middle High School are learning new professional skills every day! Here are some examples:

CVS Pharmacy

For the past five months, every Tuesday and Thursday, Jalyn C. has been enthusiastically working at the Fort Hamilton CVS Store.  He has a number of responsibilities there. He makes sure that all the items on the shelves are faced, whereby each item is moved to the edge of the shelf, giving it a look of being fully stocked. He also makes sure that the shelves are free of all dirt and dust. On Thursday with the help of Jessica VanArnum, BTA Specialist, they unpack new merchandise and place them on the proper shelves. This has been an extremely valuable learning opportunity for Jalyn, giving him actual working experience.


New students are beginning their vocational training at our Marshall’s Department Store. We are continuing our partnerships which now focus on students that have shown proficiency in our internal school internships and now have graduated to external opportunities. Students Olivia and Patrick began practicing how to fold clothes at the school. They quickly got the hang of it and are now going to Marshall’s once a week to perform this task and more. Students are assisting Marshall’s staff in the stockroom unpacking their merchandise and distributing them to different locations at the store. Congratulations to Ronny, Steven, Olivia, and Patrick for their achievement and their continued success at Marshall’s.

Maimonides Medical Center

There are four different work locations at Maimonides Medical Center for MHS students. One student is working in the finance department sorting patient files and putting them into the proper folders. Aser F. is currently working in the rheumatology department alphabetizing patient files to be filed in their records, and three other students are working in the ophthalmology department sorting and stuffing envelopes that have to be sent out to the various patients of the hospital. Every Thursday they stamp and sort the various foreign-language newspapers that are then distributed to the patients in the hospital. Our students continue to build their skills across different settings.

Home Depot

High School Class 203 is thrilled to be participating in our new Home Depot workshops. Students are learning how to install light fixtures and ceiling fans. All the students are looking forward to their next visit where they are going to learn new skills. This workshop teaches our students about various home safety devices and products that Home Depot sells. This shows them how some of the products are assembled and what they are used for in one’s home. Thank you to the Home Depot Store located in Red Hook for creating this great opportunity and for raffling off fire extinguishers, non-electric light bulbs that glow by the touch of the hand, and fire and smoke detectors.


Minkos students are busy at work completing jobs for AHRC NYC’s Staff Training department, HASC, Brooklyn Blue Feather, and the Quality Assurance Department. Students have completed a multitude of copies, bookbinding, shredding, proclamations, and laminating works.