AHRC New York City has developed and maintained a successful relationship with the Council on Quality and Leadership, (CQL,) as we partner with them to enhance the quality of the lives of men and women supported in the field of disabilities services.

As part of that relationship, AHRC NYC’s Philip ProctorDirector of Individualized Technology Strategies, and Sandra MoodyChief Quality Improvement Officer, had the honor of presenting at the CQL Biannual Conference held in Indianapolis from October 16th through October 19th, 2017.

Thanks to the dedication and vision of so many people, AHRC NYC has developed a leading role in deploying and implementing individualized technology to support a variety of functions influencing a person’s quality of life. At the conference, Philip and Sandra presented about technology that men and women we support currently use. A video demonstration was shown to the audience:

Meeting the people impacted by the technology via video and hearing their stories, such as that of Dana Johnson, who now has a tool to help her relieve and deal with anxiety and stress, helping her to enjoy activities such as yoga and her interactions with others, really seemed to make the positive impact.  The devices included in the presentation were Fit BitsSpire, and Inner Balance.

The presentation was attended by representatives of agencies from Colorado to Canada. Philip and Sandra had conversations after the session both in person and via email to ensure positive, collaborative connections with our colleagues in agencies across the country.

Huge thanks to everyone supporting people to learn how to use and optimize the functionality of their individualized technology. Their efforts are making a significant difference in the quality of life for people supported by AHRC NYC’s programs.