March 16, 2020 Update:

As per the NYC Department of Education guidelines, AHRC NYC schools were closed today and will remain closed through April 20th as well as the Afterschool Recreation Programs that take place in our schools.

COVID-19 Questionnaire for Care of Self or Others

Numbers from Health (3/15/2020 @ 6.26 pm)

  • New York City – 329 (+60)
  • New York State – 731 (+116)

World Health Organization / Federal / CDC (3/15/2020)

  • The CDC has updated its website over the past 48 hours to include a new section on “How to Protect Yourself” (link no longer available) & “If You Think You Are Sick
  • Additional updates to the CDC site include specific sections relating to Symptoms, Older Adults & Medical Conditions and Preparing Your Family.

Update from NYC (3/15/2020)

Update from NYS / OPWDD (3/15/2020)

  • OPWDD has repurposed the email address, which will now serve as the central location for providers to notify OPWDD of their plans for programmatic changes, where questions or concerns may be raised to OPWDD about containment-related efforts that impact the delivery of supports, and where providers can communicate with OPWDD about potential plans they are developing.
  • Cuomo has required all insurance companies to waive payments for telehealth visits.
  • OPWDD issued guidance on 3/14/2020, regarding access to ICF (OPWDD link has been removed and is no longer available)
  • Additional guidance has been issued from OPWDD on the use of telehealth services at this time (OPWDD link has been removed and is no longer available)
  • OPWDD has issued guidance supporting New York State Medicaid providers identified as Health Homes (OPWDD link has been removed and is no longer available)