Our Advocacy Center provides parents with training, information, referral, and support as they seek quality education and services for their children.

Intensive Educational Advocacy

Our Advocacy Center services include assisting families in drafting correspondence to the New York City Department of Education, (NYCDOE) providing representation at Committee on Special Education, Committee on Preschool Special Education, Individualized Educational Program (IEP,) Annual Review meetings as well as accompanying parents on visits to both public and New York State approved non-public schools. The Center will provide assistance to families in getting the appropriate representation at Mediation and Resolution Sessions as well as Suspension and Due Process Hearings.

Information and Referral

The Advocacy Center will provide general advocacy and referral information to all families who call experiencing difficulties related to their child’s special education services. The Center will seek the appropriate documentation to determine if the family is OPWDD eligible and therefore should be receiving Intensive Advocacy services. The staff will assist the family in developing strategies to navigate the NYCDOE Special Education system as well as referrals for additional services.

Parent Training, Outreach, and Workshops

The Educational Advocacy Center will provide workshops to groups of families experiencing difficulties with the NYCDOE, focusing on OPWDD eligible families. The Center’s goal is to reach as many parents of developmentally disabled children as possible, offering training and workshops on parental rights under the federal, state, and local laws, the IEP and advocacy skills. The Center will outreach via mailings to schools, agencies and centers that provide services to school-aged individuals with developmental disabilities.

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New Advocacy Cases – Please email us at Educational.Advocacy@ahrcnyc.org.

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Katherine Hoy, LMSW, Director of Advocacy Services

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