The goal of all AHRC NYC Schools is for students to be well prepared and able to live the most productive, worthwhile, and independent lives possible.


AHRC NYC Schools

Our Early Learning Centers and School-Age Programs offer an array of programs, services, and supports for students with disabilities and developmental delays, including services for students with autism, ages 3 to 21, to families living in New York City.

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Autism Programs

All six of the schools operated by AHRC New York City listed above utilize The HOPE Continuum. HOPE is an acronym that represents AHRC New York City’s mission regarding the education of children with autism, program guidelines for best practices, and the philosophy of Applied Behavioral Analysis, (ABA).

AHRC NYC College Programs

Our College programs engage students in supporting individualized academic, vocational, community and social experiences. Students have the same opportunities for social and personal growth as other young adults who attend college.