We provide qualified, motivated and reliable employees to meet the needs of your business, at no cost to you.

“We have been working with AHRC New York City for over ten years. Their program is an important part of our company’s philosophy.”
– Jane Ubell-Meyer, CEO, Madison & Mulholland

Our Commitment

Since 1986, AHRC New York City’s, Employment & Business Services department has partnered with the New York City business community, helping companies hire qualified, reliable employees who can meet the needs of their businesses.

We support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and economically disadvantaged youth to train for and obtain jobs. By providing companies with qualified employees, AHRC NYC helps businesses to:

> Receive up to $4,600 in tax credits for each eligible employee hired
> Lower recruitment costs and staff turnover rates
> Diversify the workforce
> Make a difference in a person’s life

Hire Workers Who are Trained to Meet Your Needs

“AHRC New York City has provided us with valuable services which are critical to our business, and did it in a timely and efficient manner.”
– Steve Floman, Vice President, M & A Imports Ltd.

We work with businesses to customize an employee’s job duties to meet that business’s needs, whether they require entry-level workers or experienced workers. We have successfully trained, placed, and supported workers in jobs including:

> Retail and Customer Service
> Office Support (administrative, clerical)
> Food Service (food prep, dishwashers, bussers, food runners)
> Maintenance (porters, housekeeping)
> Stock and Warehouse Support
> Messengers
> Laundry Workers
> Machine Operators
> Data Entry Specialist

> Records Management Specialist
> Compensation Data Analyst
> Marketing Analyst
> CRM & Expense Report Analyst
> Copy Center Assistant
> Document Preparation Specialist

Additional Benefits

We have great results placing job seekers in store support positions. The AHRC Staff have been consummate professionals providing service to both the employees and our organization.”
Mark Bottini, Vice President and Director Stores, Barnes & Noble, Inc.

We provide professional job coaching, to ensure the long-term success of a worker in his or her job role at your business. AHRC NYC can also assist in the processing of all federal and state tax credits your business may be eligible for. When you hire a worker through AHRC NYC, you make a difference in a person’s life, providing him or her with an opportunity to earn a paycheck while becoming a valued member of your workforce.

 *All of the above at absolutely no cost to you.


AHRC New York City’s, Employment & Business Services Department is an award-winning, internationally recognized program helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and economically disadvantaged youth. We are funded by federal, state, city, and private agencies such as: