Make a better nation – That’s my aspiration!

– Chad DeRoche, Presidential Remix

For years, Chad DeRoche has used a variety of media to speak his mind.  With sculptures and drawings celebrating his passion for protecting the environment, to his self-advocacy efforts on the behalf of people with disabilities and the direct care workers that support them in New York State, Chad speaks up for what matters.

Chad often draws artistic inspiration from the world around him, commonly using his talents to highlight social injustices.  Through his quilted piece, Sleeping Bag,  Chad makes statements about the plight of poverty.

Sleeping Bag by artist Chad DeRoche

Chad was inspired to create the quilted piece after witnessing a homeless man on Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue.

In recent years, Chad’s vision has deteriorated, and as a result, his creative work has gravitated toward textural, kinetic, and aural expressions. His latest work is the song, Presidential Remix, a rap about President Barack Obama and the importance of elections in the United States.

I believe in you,
and all the people
to make our world
safe and peaceful.”

In his song, Chad asks the President to “listen to the people.,” and reminds listeners to join him in standing up for our civil rights.

Make a statement, Take a stand,
Make it happen, Lend me a hand!

Along with his friends, Chad also created a music video for the song. You can listen to more of Chad’s music by visiting his Soundcloud page.