Sibling Matters: March 2017 Edition

Sibling Matters is a newsletter developed by the Sibling Committee of AHRC NYC for siblings of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, as a source of information for siblings. Whether they are already caring and advocating for their brothers and sisters or they are growing into the role, siblings will find this publication to be a resource, providing opportunities for Siblings to connect with each other, to express concerns, and to celebrate accomplishments with others who have similar experiences.

> March 2017 edition

We Want to Hear From You!

Let us know what topics you would like to discuss, or send us your questions.  Please email Editor, Kate Isenberg at or call 212-780-4496 to submit questions, suggestions or ideas for articles at any time.   We are also looking for new committee members, so if you would like to help us in our efforts, please contact us at the above address as well.

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