Yesterday, July 26th, 2020, was the 30th anniversary of the signing of a seminal legislative achievement, the Americans with Disabilities Act. Justin Dart, the American disability advocate and activist who played a key role in the passage of the ADA said “The ADA is an absolutely essential legal and educational tool to achieve equality and achieve employment. But the ADA is not equality it is not employment. ADA is a promise to be kept.”

Please remember the powerful social justice role that all of us at AHRC New York City play. We have made tremendous progress since our founding by Ann Greenberg over 70 years ago. Every day that you support and empower someone with disabilities, you strengthen the ADA’s foundation. Together, we can realize even more opportunities for people with disabilities in the months and years to come.

Thank you all for what you do and for supporting our mission.

Marco Damiani, CEO, AHRC New York City