Brian Bershad, Hospital TransporterThe American Association for People with Disabilities has published an article on, written by Brian Bershad, who found employment through AHRC New York City.  The article is one of a series about pandemic life from the disability community.

In the pandemic, it can be scary. There’s more stress because there are a lot of Covid patients. I get a little nervous because I don’t want to catch it. I try to stay safe. We have to do different things now. We have gowns. We have masks. Every time I move someone, I put on PPE. Then I take off PPE. Every time. Things take longer than they used to. We always had to wash our hands. Now we have to do it even more. I push them in the wheelchair, or on a gurney. I’m right next to people. There’s no social distancing. Hopefully, it will get better because they have the vaccine. I’m going to take it.

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