When an adult with a developmental disability wishes to live on their own, we provide supports to help them get what they want.

Community Habilitation services are provided for individuals who do not reside in a residence that is certified or operated by OPWDD.

Community Habilitation

Our person-centered supports focus on the unique goals and dreams of each person. When an adult with a developmental disability expresses their desire to become more independent by living in a home of their own, AHRC NYC can create a support network that ensures a person’s needs for independent living are met.

Examples of support provided in these situations are:

  • Adaptive Devices enable a person to increase his or her ability to safely function in a home or community-based setting with independence.
  • Environmental Modifications can be made to the home, (both internally and externally,) which promote a person’s access and independence. This may include the addition of ramps, handrails, and grab bars or may include structural changes to a home, such as widening a doorway to enable physical access.
  • Ongoing Supports can be arranged in the home to facilitate daily living.