Our Family Reimbursement Programs provide monetary assistance to people with developmental disabilities who live with their family in New York City. The programs are funded by OPWDD.

AHRC NYC operates the following Family Reimbursement programs:

  • The Francesca Nicosia Family Reimbursement Fund (all boroughs)
  • Brooklyn Camp Scholarships
  • Brooklyn Emergency Reimbursement
  • Queens Emergency Respite Reimbursement

The purpose of Family Reimbursement programs is to compensate families for expenses not reimbursed by other means, but which directly benefit the person with a disability. There are no age restrictions for the applicant, but they must qualify for services from OPWDD. The review committee will consider income, the nature of the request, and the applicant’s award history when prioritizing applicants. The committee will meet approximately once per quarter (every 3 months) to review applications. Applications are reviewed in the order that they are received if they are complete. The fiscal year begins on July 1st  and ends on June 30th of the following year.

A request for reimbursement funds should not be for an ongoing need, rather; an item or short-term service that will enhance the quality of life of the person with a disability, and can be for items not yet purchased.  Some examples include camping costs, adaptive toys, educational devices, and special appliances or furniture required due to a specific need of the person with disabilities. Only one check, however, will be issued per award.

How to Apply for Reimbursement

To apply for reimbursement, please download and review the following form, and submit your completed forms after reviewing the Family Reimbursement Application Checklist:

Once complete, please send the application package to:

AHRC Family Reimbursement Programs
83 Maiden Lane, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10038

For questions regarding the Family Reimbursement Programs, please call: 917-715-8035 or email AHRCFamilyReimbursementPrograms@ahrcnyc.org