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Through its partnership with Specialisterne USA, AHRC NYC continues to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to thrive in the labor market.

Combining AHRC NYC’s experience in supporting people with disabilities, its established relationships with New York City-based businesses, and Specialisterne USA’s proven assessment, training and placement methodologies, we are providing opportunities for adults with autism and improving the quality of their lives.

When paired with the right employment environment, adults with autism and similar challenges might not just hold down a job, but can also be the best person for it.  Certain fields of work require certain abilities:

> An ability to concentrate and focus
> A meticulous memory
> An eye for detail
> Pattern matching skills
> A high tolerance for repetitive tasks

These abilities can often be found in people with autism, and when workers who have autism are coupled with innovative employment models, their ability to focus and attention to detail can be a competitive advantage to businesses.

About AHRC NYC’s Partnership with Specialisterne

Most of the employees who obtain employment through AHRC NYC and Specialisterne have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum and work as consultants in the corporate sector on tasks such as software management, testing, logistics, information technology, and data entry.  Since the launch of our partnership with Specialisterne USA in 2013, AHRC NYC has trained 62 adults with autism to use their unique skills in the corporate sector, through jobs and paid internships.

For more information about AHRC NYC’s partnership with Specialisterne USA, please contact

Michele Shapiro, Program Coordinator, 914 715-4432
You can also email your inquiry to: michele.shapiro@ahrcnyc.org